Thank you for your interest in Purgatory, Inc.

Purgatory, Inc. was created in solar cycle 4,543,871,682 in response to the growing needs of the human population and their varied expectations of an afterlife.  As religions multiplied and became increasingly complicated in their stipulations for what constitutes a good life worthy of eternal reward vs. a bad life worthy of punishment and all levels in between.

An independent organization not affiliated with either Heaven or Hell in any of their subcategoric forms, Purgatory, Inc. proudly rises to meet the ever-changing needs of living beings transitioning to non-corporeal existence.

When your time comes, you will be automatically directed to one of our trained, professional, sensitive staff clerks.  They will take care of all your needs and ease the transition to the next stage in your eternal non-corporeal existence.

For more information, please browse this site and follow us on Twitter @purgatoryinc.

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