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About Us.

We are an independent netlabel and provider of digital marketing services for our creators. We publish music and take care of the image and publicity of artists on the web. We specialize in gaining audience for our clients based on advanced marketing plans. Our idea is to create a long-term strategy that will build a relationship between the listener and the artist. For this purpose, we use an individualized way of communication built on the basis of the artist's image and vibe.

Image by Kay Liedl

What do we offer?

1 / Publishing

We can provide your music to the biggest online shops and streaming services, including Spotify, Tidal, Youtube Music and all others.

2 / Digital PR strategy

We will develop and implement a communication strategy with your fan base. We will define the needs and expectations of the target group, which will be met through our cooperation. We will make your target audience satisfied with your content.

3 / Unique Branding

We will develop and implement a unique style for your brand, which will become a showcase and a magnet for the audience. We will take care of maintaining a consistent image in all aspects of the business.

4 / Social Media Marketing

We will take care of all social media channels. We will ensure stable and consistent communication with fans, while constantly developing the audience and community. We will ensure a high level of engagement of social media recipients. The high effectiveness of the ads will ensure a constant increase in reach and quick acquisition of a new audience.

5 / Visual Representation

One of our main goals is to provide a unique visual representation at every level. If you don't have the ability to provide graphic content, you don't have to worry. We'll work with graphic designers to deliver high-quality art to complement your musical style. We will supplement your album with all the necessary visual elements - from the cover to the music video.

6 / Website & SEO & Ads

The final element of your virtual representation will be a website prepared by us. In addition to maintaining and updating the website, we will take care of its visibility on the web and in the Google search engine. We will carry out SEO activities to promote your brand. With deeper cooperation, we are able to carry out a large marketing campaign based on Google Ads to maximize the results of your website and social media channels.

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